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Which One? - Selection Suggestions

Each customer has different requirements and preferences and an electric bicycle suited to one persons needs may be less well suited to another - hence we offer a broad range of reliable, well proven, electric bicycles. Below we've constructed a simple table to help point customers at vehicles well suited to their needs.

To use the table read the questions on the left hand side and if the answer to the question is "yes" then we suggest the electric bicycles on the right be considered subject, of course, to other circumstances.

We don't list every electric bike here, simply not to confuse readers with too many listings. After all, ultimately the choice is entirely up to you the customer.


Do you require rigid bicycle for shopping, commuting or fun?
Almost all electric bicycles could have been placed in this section. These are those that are more commonly purchased when other considerations above are less important.
Milan 2 (36Volt, Lead Acid, 12-15mph) - A great traditional machine for simple no fuss operation at a great value.

Windsor, Salisbury (26Volt, Lion, 12-15mph) - A great traditional machine for simple no fuss operation at a great price.

Shopper 24 Shopper 26 (36Volt, Lead Acid, 12-15mph) - A well known design with lots of power.

UM44S UM44SL UM55 (37 Volt, Lion 12-15mph) - Well made, stylish machines for simple, yet elegant, no fuss operation.

Do you require a folding electric bicycle?
Perhaps it is to be used on holiday and requires transporting by car, inside a caravan or motor home. Perhaps it must be stored in a small space or carried by train.

UM26S (24/26Volt, Lion) - Good electric bikes are few and very far between. For performance and appearance this is simply the best folding electric bicycle.

Do you require a bicycle with some mountain bike features?
Perhaps the style simply appeals or perhaps the electric bicycle will be used on cycle paths and tow paths. Note: These models are not for harsh off road use but offer the character of a mountain bike.


UM36SX (24/26Volt, Lion, Alloy, 12-15 mph) - A high quality electric bicycle almost indistinguishable from a standard mountain bike.

Eurobyke 24/26 wheel  (36 Volt) - Designed for those who like to pedal but want some help from time to time.

Do you require a bicycle for the smaller rider?
Perhaps also for someone who likes to do less pedaling.
UM55 (24/26 Volt) - For easy mounting and dismount. Ideal for the smaller rider. Note: If less pedaling is preferred then consider the twist grip throttle option.
Do you require additional stability?
Perhaps for someone later in years or of less ability.
Light-Trike - A tricycle might be of interest!
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