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About The Industry, And Ourselves

The smaller electric vehicle industry has flourished and matured in the last 5-10 years.

This expansion is the result of a range of technological, global business and consumer perception changes, and ever growing concerns about the environment: 

  • Electric vehicle technologies have improved - many now commonly have 24 or 36 volt brushless hub motors whereas motors of the past were often only 12 volts. Batteries have also progressed.
  • Far Eastern manufacturing facilities have developed and are able to produce electric bicycles at significantly lower prices and with much higher performance and reliability than UK or European based manufacturers - Sadly, today we currently know of no British manufacturer of for instance electric bicycles.
  • The general public have become ever more aware of the benefits of electric motor power through the prevalence of mobility solutions, electric scooters and bicycles and more recently hybrid and electric cars.
  • As we become ever more aware of the effect CO2, pollutants and congestion have on the local and global environment many are moving away from traditional forms of carbon fuel powered transport.

The industry in the UK can be subdivided into two groups: Long term players, who offer a good range of well made and well tested and proven products in a professional manner (we place ourselves firmly in this category) and the short term "in and out" retailers who often supply and erratic range products and may be unable to support those products once in the field, in the future, or if problems arise.

As we hope you can tell from our website, we work hard to present you, the viewer, with as much information as possible about each product. However, if you have other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us and one of our experts will do our best to help you.

The Verteci Team

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